Lunch Talk by Michael Li – March 12th

Data Analytics Club will hold a speaker session inviting Michael Li* next week.
Michael have started his career as a Wall Street Quant, recently left his role as Data Scientist at Foursquare to co-found The Data Incubator**.
Please be noted that Michael will be joining us via teleconference/telepresence.

Please RSVP at ( You can also submit questions you want to ask.

Date: Wednesday, March 12
Time: 11:35am – 12:55pm (Lunch provided.)
Location: E62-223

How data science teams are structured
How Foursquare used data to identify and solve product problems
What the data scientist ecosystem is like
(and perhaps a bit on being Wall Street Quant vs. Data Scientist)

* Michael Li on LinkedIn:
** The Data Incubator: